Samoa Company

About Samoa

Samoa, which became independent in 1962 and it has developed into a politically stable nation. Samoa's offshore corporate legislation was originally introduced in the late 1980s and was based on Cook Islands legislation.
Samoa Company now includes numerous enhancements, making it more user-friendly to suit the requirements of the Asian market.

General Information

  • Official Language: English
  • Legal System: English Common Law
  • Currency: Samoa tala (approx. USD 1 : WST 2.6)
  • Time Zone: GMT -11

Features and Benefits

  • Allow the filing of documents and maintenance of accounts by electronic means;
  • User-friendly to Asian investors;
  • Strict confidentiality and secrecy provisions; and
  • Low Government fees for re-domiciliation.
Setup Requirement
Set up a Samoa Company is fast and easy. There are no restrictions on nationality of Shareholders or Directors.

Company Name

  • English name; or
  • Both English and Chinese name

Shareholder(s) and Director(s)

  • No nationality restriction;
  • Minimum one shareholder and one director;
  • Corporate shareholder and director is acceptable; and
  • A copy of passport and residential address proof are required for company registration

Company Secretary and Registered Address

  • A registered address is required in Samoa;
  • A correspondence address is required; and
  • Client should maintain an alternative address for operation; and
  • Company secretary is not required under Samoa jurisdiction

Capital Requirement

  • Minimum paid up share capital required is USD 1; and
  • Standard authorized capital is USD 1 million divided into 1,000,000 shares
Key Corporate Features
Below is an overview of key corporate features of Samoa Company. ATRIX strongly recommends that applicable professional advice be taken prior to purchasing a company or establishing any corporate structure.

General Information

British Based Legal System Yes
Type of Company IC
Business Act / Ordinance International Companies Act
Migration of Domicile Permitted Yes

Registration Requirements

Authorised / Paid-up Share Capital USD 1,000,000 (standard)
Minimum No. of Shareholder(s) 1
Minimum No. of Individual Director(s) 1
Corporate Directors Permitted Yes
Local Registered Office/Address Yes
Company Secretary Required No


Public Disclosure of UBO No
Government Filing - Shareholders Optional
Government Filing - Directors Optional

Annual Requirements

Annual Return / Declaration No

Days for Completion (Estimated)

English Name 7
English and Chinese Name 7
Samoa Company Annual Renewal
Atrix will send reminder to clients and help to arrange the renewal matter.

Renew fee including:

  • For standard authorised capital USD 1,000,000
  • Annual Company Secretary Parking
  • Annual HK Correspondence Address Parking
Penalty of Late Renewal
Atrix will send reminder to clients and help to arrange the renewal matter.
Renewal overdue USD 80
After February - 1st company struck off
* Fees may vary and will be subject to the final decision of the registered overseas agent.