Vision, Mission and Value

Our vision is to become an accredited corporate service leader in Hong Kong connecting our clients and business partners in a long term relationship.

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Atrix takes clients and professional partners into new dimensions in corporate service industry through the concept of “Synergies” that the value and performance of two parties combined will be greater than the sum of the separate individual parts.


Our values establish our thinking and actions from both a personal and a corporate perspective, and our business culture can support the ambitious goal of our employees. In addition to the importance of quality of service, we commit to helping our employees reach their full potential because every employee is our important assets of Atrix.


To maintain a sustainable relationship with clients and understanding their needs are the principles of all our services. Atrix’s service teams will listen and respond to our clients' needs and to maintain good relations with each other. We value public and open dialogue, so we, whether individuals or companies, understand the forces that inspire and move us forward.


Clients Commitment

We are committed to review and understand our client’s needs, proposed business and operation model, and strategies by sharing the ideas and insight from our experience.

Employees in Atrix

We provide a platform with friendly environment and support to our employees that they can achieve their career goals and enhance the knowledge in market.

Corporate Services Industry

Our role and position are recognized with a set of standard and guidance for our best practices within the industry.