Labuan Company

About Labuan

Established in 1990, Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (Labuan IBFC) is a renowned offshore jurisdiction offering a diverse range of financial and business services. Located on the island of Labuan in Malaysia, Labuan offers a unique combination of strategic location, tax advantages, and a business-friendly environment.
Labuan is situated in Southeast Asia, at the heart of a dynamic and growing region. Its proximity to major markets like China, Singapore, and Indonesia provides businesses with easy access to a vast network of opportunities.

General Information

  • Official Language: English
  • Legal System: English Common Law
  • Currency: Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
  • Time Zone: GMT -8

Features and Benefits

  • 3% from audited net profit (with substance)
  • 0% for Investment Activities (with substance)
  • No Indirect tax, VAT or Stamp Duty
  • Privacy of identity for principals
  • Allow to transfer of Domicle
Setup Requirement
Set up a Labuan Company is fast and easy. There are no restrictions on nationality of Shareholders or Directors.

Company Name

  • English name; or
  • Both English and Chinese name

Shareholder(s) and Director(s)

  • No nationality restriction;
  • Minimum one shareholder and one director;
  • Corporate shareholder and director is acceptable; and
  • A copy of passport and residential address proof are required for company registration

Company Secretary and Registered Address

  • A registered address is required in Labuan;
  • Company secretary is required.

Capital Requirement

  • Minimum 1 unit of any foreign currency per shareholder
  • No par value requirement
Key Corporate Features
Below is an overview of key corporate features of Labuan Company. ATRIX strongly recommends that applicable professional advice be taken prior to purchasing a company or establishing any corporate structure.

General Information

British Based Legal System Yes
Type of Company Ltd., Inc., Limited, (L) Bhd
Business Act / Ordinance Labuan Companies Act
Migration of Domicile Permitted Yes

Registration Requirements

Authorised / Paid-up Share Capital 1 share
Minimum No. of Shareholder(s) 1
Minimum No. of Individual Director(s) 1
Corporate Directors Permitted Yes
Local Registered Office/Address Yes
Company Secretary Required Yes


Public Disclosure of UBO No
Shareholders No
Directors No

Annual Requirements

Annual Return / Declaration Yes
Management Account / Financial Statement Yes

Days for Completion (Estimated)

English Name 7
English and Chinese Name 7