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Hong Kong encourages local and overseas fundraisers to conduct business in Hong Kong with a simple tax base and preferential policies. Hong Kong also signs tax agreements with different countries around the world to enhance the competitiveness of the global market from time to time. From April 1, 2018, Hong Kong will implement a two-tiered profits tax system (applicable to the year of assessment starting on or after April 1, 2018). Implement a competitive tax system to promote economic development and create a more favorable business environment.

Tax rate
Assessable profits Corporations Unincorporated businesses
First HKD 2 million 8.25% 7.5%
Over HKD 2 million 16.5% 15%

Profit tax declaration

To operate an industry, profession or business in the form of a corporation or partnership, our tax service team can assist clients in filling out the profits tax returns and submit them to the Inland Revenue Department for reporting.

Profits Tax Service includes:

  • Tax advice and filing
  • Hong Kong Profits Tax Exemption
  • Tax assessment
  • Application for extension and opposition
  • Overseas income tax exemption

Tax Representative Service

Our experienced tax team can act as your tax representative to provide timely and value-added advice on your tax positions. We provide a full range of tax services, including but not limited to:

  • Liaison with HKIRD and returns on behalf of clients
  • Statutory tax compliance services, including acting as the profit tax representative and assisting in fulfilling statutory compliance requirements under the Inland Revenue Ordinance (“IRO”),
  • Advising on tax exposure in out-bound investments and how to legally minimize the same,
  • Handling field audits and investigations from HKIRD
  • Advance ruling application

For more information of our Hong Kong tax services, please contact our tax team by e-mail to tax@atrixbiz.com.

Holiday Notice: The first day of January 2019
Please note that Atrix will be closed on 1 January (Tuesday), and our service to be resumed on 2 January (Wednesday).

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