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Business Bank Account Opening Service

At the post-incorporation stage, Atrix offers assistance business bank account opening with numerous banking networks in Hong Kong. Due to the changing of regulation and policy in banks and Government authorities today, the documents and due diligence / Know-Your-Customers (KYC) requirement during the account opening process becomes relatively complicated. Our team will provide objective opinion to clients through the process for preparation of documents for bank’s preliminary review and acceptance.

General Procedures and Documents Requirement

1. Pre-submission

  • Well preparation of all required company documents by Atrix
  • Identification documents of shareholder(s), ultimate beneficiary owner(s), director(s) and proposed authorised signer(s); and
  • Proof of residential address (within 3 months) of the above-mentioned person

2. Review of Documents (by Bank)

  • Business Proof and Plan (BPP) for Due Diligence Purpose
  • Existing operation company registration documents if you are the owner of an existing company and similar business outside Hong Kong
  • Academic and Work Experience to show the capability of running the new business in Hong Kong
  • Invoices from Suppliers, Receipts to Customers, Shipping Documents and/or Commercial Contracts (if any)
  • Top 5 suppliers and Top 5 customers (if any) of your proposed business of the Hong Kong Company
  • Bank statements with Debit and Credit Advice (if any)
  • Company brochure, website and etc. (if any)

3. Acceptance from Bank

  • Bank will confirm the date and time to clients for business bank account opening in Hong Kong
  • Client is required to meet the bank in person under bank’s policy and procedures


  • Our bank account opening service is a non-refundable service.
  • Atrix Business Services Limited and the above-mentioned procedures do not guarantee / constitute the success of bank account opening.
  • Client should provide true and correct information to bank for review and acceptance. All rights reserved by banks.
Holiday Notice: Chung Yeung Festival 2018
Please note that Atrix will be celebrating Chung Yeung Festival on 17 October (Wednesday), and our service to be resumed on 18 October (Thursday).

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