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To do business, a bank account is one of the most basic elements. Now, bank accounts are not limited to traditional local banks, there are many options such as offshore banks and virtual banks.
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Hong Kong Limited Company Incorporation

Company Secretary

  • Acting as the name secretary of the company
  • Advising on secretarial matters
  • Handling of Annual Return
  • Maintenance of company records

Registered Address

  • Provision of a commercial address as the registered address of the company
  • Keeping of company records
  • Handling of renewal of Business Registration Certificate
  • Receiving government correspondence for the company

Designated Representative

  • Acting as the company’s representative to provide assistance relating to the company’s Significant Controllers’ Register to a law enforcement officer
  • Maintaining the Significant Controllers’ Register for the company
Bank Account Opening
  • Preparing necessary certified company documents
  • Arranging bank appointment(s) for business account application
  • Introducing client to our partnered banks
  • Reviewing business proofs
* Charges from the bank are not inclusive