Compliance and Risk Control

Assessing and managing enterprise risks has become a primary key concern for CEOs, management, internal committees, and other stakeholders, and sits close to the top of the board agenda in many companies.

In this fast and informative century, businesses continue to experience an escalating pace of change as a result of disruptive technologies, innovative business models, new forms of competition and a shifting geopolitical landscape.
Our professionals will assist the enterprise to identify, review & evaluate and re-build a proper risk control system and framework.
With the rapid changes and updates in laws and regulations, our compliance service helps clients to further understand their ongoing regulatory obligations in Hong Kong with compliance plans and guidance to meet those requirements.
Services include:
  • Review and re-build Risk Management Frameworks
  • Conduct compliance reviews to identify gaps and deficiencies, and to implement remedial actions
  • Advising on compliance and internal control matters relating to setup of new business lines
  • Business Continuity and Contingency Planning
  • Review of Employee Handbook and Code of Conduct
Business Improvement and Review
Our consultants have worked with customers to implement Business Process System ("BPS") within their organizations, including analyzing and documenting existing business processes, developing and implementing business strategies, managing changes, and mentoring workflow through the change process.

Business Process Analysis

Organizations today face the myriad challenges of a changing environment. In support of this changing environment we apply a process targeted at defining initiatives, a project that will assist in the transformation process.
Our functional competencies consist of the following:
  • Business Process Analysis and Improvement: Incorporates business analysis and business process improvement services
  • Facilitation Services: Facilitation and decision support services
  • Requirements Definition: Defining what needs to be built or developed before it is made

Continuous Improvement Process

The objective of Continuous Improvement, as it relates to the implementation of a new system and workflow, is aimed to reduce risk, and create value. This is achieved by ensuring that individuals, at all levels of an organization, assume responsibilities in moving to the new system and preparing their business appropriately. During the project, our consultants will work to identify a structure and approach that will achieve the desired changes in user behaviour throughout the implementation.