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United Kingdom Investor Visa (TIER1)

Key Features

  • No age limit and language requirement
  • No education and work experience requirement
  • No proof of source of fund, if the fund has been available for more than 2 years


  • Spouse
  • Unmarried children under age of 18

Key Requirements

  • GBP 2 million investment funds available and it belongs to either investor or investor's spouse
  • Has an account at a UK regulated bank
  • Invest GBP 2 million in share capital or bonds in active UK companies within 3 months of investor visa Start date

To Become Permanent Resident

  • Stay 6 months per year for 5 years (3 years if investing GBP 5 million or 2 years if investing GBP 10 million)
  • Maintain the investments throughout the period

To Become Citizen

  • Stay at least 1 year after obtaining permanent residence status
  • Not leaving UK for over 90 days in the 1 year prior to application

Processing Time

  • Around 1 month

Further Information

For more information, please contact us by e-mail to info@atrixbiz.com.

Holiday Notice: The first day of January 2019
Please note that Atrix will be closed on 1 January (Tuesday), and our service to be resumed on 2 January (Wednesday).

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