Operation and Control / HR, Accounting and Tax in China

Business Operation and Control
In 2017, McDonald's gives up the business and control of its China business in billion deal by selling to a massive Chinese financial firm and US private equity firm due to the lack of understanding the Chinese culture and fast food industry.
By taking consideration of environmental, cultural and value differences, management, our team and partners are capable to assess business policies , controls and operational measures with our clients to limit exposure to those China-specific risks.
Human Resources Management
Our payroll service team in China provides you with the ability to manage every key aspect of payroll, from payroll processing and salary payment to individual income tax deduction.
The rules that govern social benefits administration in China are complicated, difficult to manage, and subject to change. The social benefit service helps you navigate and control every aspect of your social benefits administration, from accurate benefits account management to timely filings compliant with current government regulations.
Accounting and Tax Services in China
Accounting and Bookkeeping standards in China differ from other countries adopt Generally Accepted Accounting Principles ("GAAP"). With years of experience, our team and partner in China can assist clients with accountancy services working closely with clients to provide quality management accounting information on top of regular Accounting & Bookkeeping services that are required to uphold basic accounting laws and regulations.
Our tax partner in China offer tax compliance and filing services (including preparation and submission of tax returns for companies and individuals, and negotiations with the PRC tax authorities) to assist companies with operations in mainland China with specific tax issues that multinationals and domestic enterprises face in China market.