Business Exit Strategies

Business owner at a certain stage considers how to exit their business with a range of business exit options for example selling a business through merger & acquisition ("M&A"), a management buyout ("MBO"), deregistration or even liquidation.
Each option comes with its own merits and challenges that our team and independent professional can help clients weigh up the alternatives with review and analysis.
Being your professional corporate service provider, we provide below services in relation to your exit options:

M&A Support

  • Review of current tax position before M&A transaction
  • Conducting due diligence by independent professional
  • Liaison with your legal advisor regarding the documents for due diligence purposes
  • Being the company secretary of your company act as a facilitator of the processes liaison with your financial advisor
  • Arranging an independent auditor in relation to the financial data of the target companies or assets and will also assist the parties with preparation of the various accounts that may be required for the different stages of an M&A transaction.

MBO Service

  • Assessing the overall feasibility of the MBO
  • Advising on business plan, information memorandum and forecast models
  • Determining the financial structure
  • Review on the tax structure and protections for management and the continuing business