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Doing Business in China

China officially joined the World Trade Organisation ("WTO") since 2001, and foreign investment and trade has grown rapidly as a result. Under the WTO, tariffs on agreed products have been reduced, and market access to various regulated industries has been phased in gradually. Industrial sectors opened up in the past years are trade and distribution, including franchising, advertising services, inspection services, freight forwarding agency services, for example. A more open market will attract know-how, technology, services and materials.

The challenge of China market entry has become an increasingly important of foreign companies to understand how to enter into China, a large and complex market today.

Before Entering to China Market

Because of the cultural difference between Eastern and Western countries, foreign investors should consider below with certain planning and necessary advice from Atrix:

  • Market Research and Assessment
  • Legal and Local Tax System
  • IP Protection
  • Entity Options in China
  • Business Operation Model
  • Internal and Administration Control
  • Business Exit Strategy
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