Company Secretary
Cost-effectively. Making your business sucessful in a changing world.
Company Secretary

Company Secretary

Cost-effectively. Making your business sucessful in a changing world.

Why appoint a Company Secretary

According to Hong Kong Company Ordinance, every Hong Kong company must have a company secretary that must be

  • A natural person aged 18 or above, ordinarily resides in Hong Kong; or
  • A body corporate, have its registered office or a place of business in Hong Kong.


Our Company Secretary Parking Service

Company Secretary is to maintain proper company record as required and stated in Companies Ordinance. Such as:

  • Submit annual return to Company Registry;
  • Maintain Shareholder(s) and Director(s) record;
  • Maintain Significant Controllers Register (“SCR”); and
  • File proper return to Company Registry.
Service Fee
Annual Company Secretary Parking
HKD 1,200
average HKD 100 / month


We charge separately on all other works that we have to do in the capacity of your company secretary. Please refer to job basis services for the charge on each kind of service.
Duties of clients

To engage our quality Parking Services, please ensure the followings:

  • Up-to-date contact method(s);
  • Respond to emails / notifications / confirmations from us;
  • Inform us immediately if any changes of company particular(s) and/or personal information (e.g. passport & address info); and
  • Inform us when the company starts to commence the business and/or hire staff in Hong Kong.
Why Choose Us

Our services charging on job basis. We charge only those service you need.

Unless stated separately, our fee does not include government charges and disbursement.

About Company Maintenance
Filing of annual return to Company Registry
Written Resolution for change of shareholding / director / company secretary
About Company Director
Change of Director's details in the government record.
Resignation of Director
Appointment of Director
Transfer of shares (per transfer)
Increase authorized shares (per class of share capital)
Allotment of shares (per allotee)
Registration of branch office
Change of company name (Including re-printing of A&A "Articles of Association")
Written Resolution for Annual Members or Directors Meeting
Written Resolution for Minute of Directors' / Members' Meeting
Arrange certified true copy by Certified Public Accountants